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Agriculture Energy Audit Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Agriculture Energy Audit.

To apply, please fill out the fields below and submit.  Someone will contact you to discuss the next steps.  

Please note: Partially completed information cannot be saved, be sure to have all details with you before beginning the form. For the best form completion experience, use the Google Chrome browser. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation and a tracking number on your screen to print or save. Refer to this tracking number to check on the status of your request. 

For full program details and eligibility, visit If you have any questions, contact or call 1-800-732-1399.  

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Is the facility contributing to the electric System Benefits Charge (SBC)?

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Terms and Conditions

I, the Applicant, certify that the farm named on this application is interested in receiving an energy report and request that NYSERDA set aside funds to contribute 100%, or $3,000 for Comprehensive Audit, up to $6,000 for Targeted Audit, or up to $6,500 for Benchmarking Report towards the allowable NYSERDA consultant fees. NYSERDA’s contribution will be paid directly to the Consultant, provided the work is acceptable to the Applicant and NYSERDA.

I, the Applicant, understand that NYSERDA does not provide any endorsement of the Consultant’s capabilities to provide services outside of the audit’s Scope of Work to be conducted pursuant to this application. The Applicant acknowledges that neither NYSERDA nor its Consultant is responsible for assuring that the design, engineering, or installation of any recommendation of the technical service is proper or complies with any particular laws (including patent laws), codes, or industry standards.

I authorize NYSERDA and its designated representatives to access energy billing and consumption data for my site(s). This authorization automatically terminates at the end of eight years following the execution date of the Purchase Order associated with this Application. As an authorized representative of the site(s) listed in this application, I authorize NYSERDA and its designated representatives to access and utilize any and all energy consumption information and data. I understand that this information will be used to evaluate energy use patterns for the purpose of measuring energy performance and determining the potential and actual energy savings resulting from evaluated or implemented energy projects. I agree to cooperate with activities designed to evaluate program effectiveness, such as responding to questionnaires and allowing on-site inspection and measurement of installed measures. I understand that NYSERDA is subject to the NYS Freedom of Information Law, Public Officers law, Article 6, and that NYSERDA cannot guarantee confidentiality of any information submitted.

I agree to and authorize the sharing of the applicant-customer’s information and/or project-level information with New York State Department of Public Service Staff and appropriate local utility, including its agents or authorized representatives, in carrying out its responsibilities under New York State Public Service Commission orders. (For clarity, the term project level includes the information based on the scope of the project, including, but not limited to, whole building, building or subsets of the project.)

NYSERDA does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved or the adequacy or safety of any recommendation. NYSERDA does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant any particular manufacturer or product and NYSERDA provides no warranties, expressed or implied for any product or service.

Applications will be processed in the order received until program funds are fully committed. The Applicant certifies that this Facility is a customer of a New York State investor-owned utility and the System Benefits Charge (SBC) is paid. 

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