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New York State Clean Energy Internship Program Business Registration Form

NYSERDA is currently upgrading the business application website for the Clean Energy Internship Program and is not accepting applications at this time. Information entered below cannot be submitted.

Please return to the program webpage in 2-3 days to submit your application. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact

Thank you for your interest in developing the next generation of clean energy professionals.

The New York State Clean Energy Internship Program will help provide clean energy businesses and organizations in the State with a pool of young, skilled workers while equipping people entering the industry with relevant career experiences.

The program facilitates the placement of paid interns at qualified clean energy companies or organizations across the state and will partially fund the intern salary. Funding is allocated on a first-come first-served basis to employers that register and get all completed required materials to NYSERDA.

Be sure to have all required information with you before completing this application, including the document uploads. You will not be able to save partially completed applications. You will receive a tracking number and confirmation on your screen to print or save after you have submitted the application.

Full details on the Clean Energy Internship Program are available via the Current Funding Opportunities page. If you have any questions, contact the internship program at

Applicant Information

Do not submit a Social Security Number to NYSERDA on this form.

If, in accordance with the rules on IRS Form-W9, your taxpayer identification number is a Social Security Number, complete all other information on this form and leave Employer Identification Number blank. In addition to this printed form, mail a printed and signed copy of IRS Form W-9 to NYSERDA, attention: NYSERDA Finance, 17 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203. Include your auto-generated Application Number on this and any forms submitted by mail to NYSERDA. You will receive your Application Number upon submission of your application. Click to view or print the IRS Form W-9.

Note: Principals of corporations and owners of businesses such as sole proprietors or partners are not considered to be employees for this employee count. Interns are also not included in the employee count. Businesses must have at least two or more employees or the equivalent of two full-time employees to be eligible for the program.

Note: The internships must be based out of a business’ office located in the System Benefits Charge (SBC) service territories. Nassau and Suffolk counties are not in SBC service territory and therefore do not appear in the list below.

Select county(ies) in which you have office locations where you may host interns (select all that apply):

Applicant Primary Clean Energy Sector(s). Select all that apply.

  • Alternative Transportation: including electric; hybrid; plug-in hybrid and fuel cell/hydrogen vehicles; battery storage; as well as natural gas and other alternative fuel buses;
  • Energy Efficiency: including lighting; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; air source heat pumps; advanced building materials; insulation and air sealing and; other high efficiency product and services;
  • Grid Modernization and Energy Storage: including smart grid; microgrid; demand response management and; grid storage;
  • Renewable Electric Power Generation: including solar; wind; geothermal; low-impact hydropower and; other renewable generation technologies;
  • Renewable Fuels: including biofuels such as wood pellets and ethanol.

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