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Clean Energy Resources Development and Incentives (Build-Ready) Program

Site Recommendation Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Build-Ready Program to accelerate renewable energy growth in New York State.

Complete the below form to provide details about the site you are recommending to potentially host solar projects.

A map depicting the area available to potentially host the project is required. This may be as simple as a scanned in map with the boundary drawn on or a screenshot from Google Earth containing the area boundary. Please have this prepared before you begin filling out the form.

Please note: Partially completed information cannot be saved, be sure to have all details with you before beginning the form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation and a tracking number on your screen to print or save. Refer to this tracking number to check on the status of your request.

This application works best when using the current browser version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using an out-of-date browser or Internet Explorer, you may not experience the full effect when filling out the application

If you have any questions, contact NYSERDA at

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Upload any available data about the site (GIS files or Google Earth Files, photos, real estate maps, site surveys, etc). If available, a .kmz file may be saved from Google Earth and uploaded.

Map of Area Available

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Other Uploads

Upload any available data about the site (GIS files, photos, real estate maps, site surveys, etc)

Other Site Details

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Tracking Number

You will be provided with a Tracking Number upon submission.