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Fuel Oil Tax Credit Application

Please note: Partially completed information cannot be saved. Be sure to have all details with you before beginning the form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation and a tracking number on your screen to print or save. Refer to this tracking number to check on the status of your request. 

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Organization Information

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Project Information

What kind of work is the tax credit being sought for?


Supporting documentation confirming the work was done and its cost (documentation must be dated). You may upload up to ten (10) attachments in one upload file, with each attachment not exceeding 250MB in size. Supporting documentation may include the following:

  1. Energy audit:
    1. Copy of the scope of work and budget
    2. Copy of the completed audit report
    3. Invoices for work performed
    4. Proof of payment of invoices
  2. Engineering design:
    1. Copy of the scope of work and budget (contract)
    2. Copy of the final design documents
    3. Invoices for work performed
    4. Proof of payment of invoices
  3. Biodiesel or Geothermal conversion:
    1. Copy of the accepted bid
    2. Copy of construction administration documents (AIA G702 showing progress billing) or other invoices
    3. Proof of payment of invoices
    4. Proof of installation (pictures, installation verification report, biodiesel delivery bills)

Supporting Documentation

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Other Relevant Documents

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To be eligible, a business must: 

  • Pay expenses for the conversion from grade no. 6 heating oil fuel to biodiesel heating oil or a geothermal system at any building located in New York State outside of New York City; 

  • Apply to and obtain approval from NYSERDA describing the conversion and costs to complete such conversion. 

  • Not be principally engaged in the generation or distribution of electricity, power, or energy; 

  • Comply with all applicable environmental conservation laws and regulations; and 

  • Not owe past-due state taxes unless the business entity makes payments and compiles with an approved binding payment agreement entered into with the taxing authority. 

  • Be subject to tax under Article 9-A or 22 of the Tax Law. 

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