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West Valley 2021 Hunting Application

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Please complete the information below to participant in NYSERDA’s 2021 deer hunting program at the Western New York Nuclear Service Center. See West Valley's Deer Hunting page to learn about this year’s changes to NYSERDA’s archery program.

Junior Hunters

Junior Hunter 12-13 years old: must have completed a course in both Hunter and Bowhunter education, have purchased a Junior Bow hunting license, and be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a "youth mentor" who is at least 21 years of age. The adult accompanist must have at least three years experience in hunting deer by longbow, have a valid NYSDEC hunting license to hunt big game in the same season, and must maintain physical control over the minor at all times while hunting. Junior hunters (aged 12-13) will not be allowed to use crossbows during the crossbow portion of the bow season (November 6-19, 2021) on NYSERDA’s property.

Junior Hunters 14-15 years old: must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or person 18 years or older. The adult accompanist must have at least one year of hunting experience and have a valid NYSDEC hunting license to hunt big game in the same season.

Parental Consent Junior Hunter 12-13 Years Old

Parental Consent Junior Hunter 14-15 Years Old

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Preapproval for the Archery season is required. You must complete and sign this application. Upon completion, you will be provided with a certificate that you must print out and place on your dashboard every day that you hunt on NYSERDA property. Please click on the link below to register for the day(s)/area(s) you wish to hunt during Archery season (October 1 through November 19, 2021). Hunters must call the NYSERDA Project Manager at 716-942-9960 x4990 each day upon checkout no later than one hour after sunset for accountability purposes.

You must sign this form acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to the following: In consideration for permission to enter onto the lands of the Western New York Nuclear Service Center (Center) for the purpose of deer hunting, I hereby release the State of New York and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and its successors and assigns and officers and employees, from any and all claims, including injuries to person or property, that may occur as a result of or in the course of that activity.

I understand that there are potential and inherent risks from physical conditions of the property involved, including, but not limited to, fallen trees, holes, deteriorated structures or barbed wire or other fencing, and natural and unnatural debris. By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I am aware of and assume the risks associated with the property of the Center surrounding the premises of the West Valley Demonstration Project for myself and my child, if applicable.

Please submit your first name, last name, email, and signature below to confirm you have read NYSERDA’s safety and program rules, and will comply with these rules as a participant of NYSERDA’s Deer Hunting Program. Violation of ANY NYSERDA program or safety rule may result in suspension of your participation in NYSERDA’s Program, including failure to sign. Your electronic signature is required to participate.

Program Safety Rules and Participant Signature

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NOTE: Upon submission of this application, all hunters must register online to select their preferred hunting days.