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FlexTech Program (PON 1746)

Thank you for your interest in participating in the FlexTech Program (PON 1746). 

This application must be signed by the applicant (customer) submitting the application. Be sure to have all required information readily available before completing this application, since you will not be able to save a partially completed application.  

A scope of work & budget are required as part of this application. Please see PON 1746 for details on the scope of work requirements.

You will receive a tracking number and confirmation on your screen to print or save after you have submitted the application.

Please note, a complete application package includes a Consolidated Funding Application (CFA)

Applicant Information

Applicant Contact Name

Consultant Information

Consultant Contact Name

Facility Information

Facility Contact Name

Per PON 1746, eligible applicants must be New York State facilities that pay into the electric system benefits charge (SBC) on their utility bill.

Total Annual Energy Costs ($)


Scope of Work (SOW) and Budget
Other relevant documents
Other relevant documents


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FlexTech Application Number
You will be provided with a FlexTech Application Number upon submission.